Showcase Technologies

Veridian Labs develops award-winning solutions and enables them as whitelabel products for our customers. We develop scalable, tested core technology, plan the necessary eco-system creation and go-to-market strategies and partner with companies that allow us to bring them to large markets quickly.

Consulting Services

We have a stellar track record of providing innovative new products and services to our customers. Among our customers are some of the world's leading Consumer Electronics companies, mobile operators and insurers.

Service Ideation
System Prototyping
App Prototyping
Go-to Market Strategy


We know the global market for technology products and how to bridge the gap between early, technology-centric adopters and the scalable mass market.

Unique Perspective

Veridian's ambition is always to create new solutions with fresh views at old problems that differentiate from the competition.


Firmly rooted in the consumer space, we have been developing playful strategies for user engagement into all our products.


Capable to support millions of users at launchtime, our systems are designed to be scalable from the get-go.

Robust Communication

Our end-to-end solutions incorporate state of the art technology for maximum usability and data security while preserving bandwidth.

CE, Mobile and Desktop

Our supported platforms cover the entire range of consumers from the embedded and native applicationspace to the open standards of the web.